The role of Cloud Server in the community computer system

Nowadays, Internet Information Technology is growing so rapidly. However, investors are facing huge costs for hiring, upgrading, and maintaining a server. In this case, the application of Cloud Server technology has solved the problem. Cloud Server helps organizations and businesses save a large amount of money for business development.

First and foremost, Cloud Server is a server product similar to a virtual server (VPS server) but it is set up with Cloud Computing technology. With the advanced features of Cloud Computing technology, Cloud Server products have more features than previous servers. It is undeniable that Cloud Server brings a lot of benefits and make our lives better.

Here are some amazing and typical advantages of Cloud Server.

  1. Quick start, easy to upgrade

The registration and initialization of Cloud Server are completely automatic that help customers to save their time. In addition, large amounts of resources are made up of a series of parent servers that help the system conserve resources all the time. It ensures easy and fast upgrades. * DDOS prevention is simple.

  • Replication capability, easy LAN connection.
  • Cloud Server allows increasing resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) immediately.
  • Be managed through the portal site, SSH protocol, remote desktop …

2.Easy administration

One of the features that make Cloud Server so attractive is that with each Cloud Server, users do not need to have too much knowledge of the virtual server and can still use it with the help of their technical support. What is more, Cloud Server is not too difficult or complicated to use because it is so incredibly friendly to users. That is very great, is not it?

  1. Remote access

You can access, manage, and share your data, your photos, videos, documents or information anywhere and at any time through devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc,..provided that there is a network connection. It is very convenient for users and makes work easier, especially work in a group.

  1. High availability

Cloud Server system has self-monitoring mechanism of the server, the system automatically switches between servers when one of the servers have problems. Server in Cloud cannot inherit the connection, the system will transfer all the data in the corrupted server through the resources available in Cloud.

  1. Easy scalability

If you need more resources to do something, you do not need to hire a new server, and you have the right to upgrade your Cloud resources. It is clear that it is so convenient for users.

  1. Cloud Server is highly configurable and dedicated

Cloud Server utilizes dedicated server systems from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, IBM and SuperMicro with high configuration and solid network foundation.

It is no doubt that Cloud Server plays a very important part in community computer system. However, besides being so awesome and incredibly amazing, Cloud Server has some disadvantages. Therefore, the advice is that users should know it well and use it in a proper way.

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