The best cloud storage service you should use

Cloud storage services are services that allow users to upload data to datacenters opened by the provider so that the user can store the data on it and you can easily manage it (move, delete, download to computer …) Here is a list of the best online storage providers that you should use, using a combination of these services to increase storage capacity.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services from Google today. Just create yourself an account. You can store, share photos, drawings, designs, videos and recordings on this backup service.

Google Drive offers 15 GB of online storage for users. Users can access their files from any computer and smartphone.

Users can access free web-based applications to create spreadsheets, spreadsheets and documents, and so on

Backup service includes scanning and offline operation. Users can also scan their documents using Google Drive

  1. One Drive

One Drive is one of Microsoft’s best cloud storage service, but one of the best online backup services. This online service gives users access to word, excel and PowerPoint documents in One Drive.

Allows editing Office documents, editing documents in the browser, creating and sharing folders at the same time.

One GB of storage offers 25 GB of free storage and is also available for purchase by online users.

One Drive has the ability to prevent data loss that helps users identify, monitor and protect sensitive information.

The best cloud storage services                 

  1. DropBox

Dropbox is an application that runs on Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. This is an online backup service that allows file sharing and collaboration.

This is where users store photos, documents, videos, and files. Users can access their content from anywhere because anything you add to Dropbox will automatically display on your phone.

Your content will always be safe even if you lose your phone or experience a problem. The number of users is up to 500 million

Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage for users. The selected sync feature allows you to select the folders you want to sync with your computer and you want to store them online.

  1. Box

This service is beneficial cloud storage for businesses because users can collaborate with colleagues on documents created in Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Box enables users to navigate and modify content stored on the box’s website through the computer file browse interface without the use of a web browser. Any user created in the application automatically synchronizes with the user’s online box account.

  1. ICloud

ICloud is a subscription service for data storage and archiving of Apple Computer Inc.

ICloud enables users to store documents, videos, photos, music and other online data

Services provided by iCloud allow users to add, delete, and synchronize typical data files and bookmarks on selected Apple devices.

Includes the “Find My Phone” feature that allows users to remotely access, and edit content on iPods, iPhones and Macs.

ICloud offers 5 GB of free storage and increases storage capacity by making purchases on a monthly or yearly basis.

There are a lot of choices for Cloud Storage service but each of them has its own pros and cons. You should consider carefully which site is the most suitable for your business and can meet your demands.

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