How to install cloud computing on a computer

If you work requires a lot of data stored, and ensure the security of them, installing cloud computing services or installing cloud-based programs on your computer is a good idea.  So, do you know how to install this useful technology on a computer? If not, follow this article below.

How to install cloud computing on a computer

  1. Why should install cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a common technology that has a huge amount of users. So, why has so many the cloud users and why should install cloud computing? The answer is because there are a lot of advantages that the cloud can bring: Convenience: Users can access their account 24/7, through any device, anywhere as long as you are still connected to the internet.

  • Flexibility: Freely switching from private to hydrid networks, or temporarily expanding the storage
  • Cost savings: Minimizing or completely cutting back on the initial investment because there is no need in building a data center.

These are the main strengths of the cloud that attract users of this useful tool. So, it would be a pity if you did not install cloud computing on your computer immediately.

  1. How to install cloud computing on a computer

There are many cloud services available on the market. In spite of a few differences, their installation is quite similar. So, this article will show you how to install Google Drive – a smart and popular cloud computing service.  Here are 4 steps to set up Google Drive cloud computing

  • Please download the appropriate drive for each operating system version you are using. Both Windows and Mac OS can install this cloud.
  • You can get the link for Google Drive apps by searching on Google.
  • After the process of download finishes, open the file you just downloaded and proceed to install. Now, all you have to do is waiting for the computer to install cloud computing Drive on the system.
  • After the installation is complete, the program will continue the setup steps. If the setup program does not start automatically, you can manually launch the program by clicking the Drive icon on the desktop. Follow the instructions on the screen. In the Preferences section, you can choose between syncing your entire Drive data to your computer and select the folders to download.
  • Continue following the on-screen instructions to finish. Then, a folder called Google Drive will appear on your desktop. It’s where you can access download files from cloud computing right on your computer.

If you want to upload something, just drag and drop that file into this folder, Google Drive will automatically sync for you. It’s convenient, right? All these downloads or uploads are in the background, so you can work without interruption. It depends on the speed of the network that the synchronization is fast or slow.

Above is  cloud computing installation instructions on the computer. By following these steps, you can set up this tool successfully. Hope that cloud computing can help your work become easier.

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