Big Data and creativity

Today, Big Data helps us a lot in attracting customers by predicting customers’ behavior through an amount of data collected. This was originally the task of creativity in marketing. Will Big Data affect creativity? How do data and creativity relate? To find it out, read the following article.

Big Data and creativity

  1. Big Data helps us to create better

Some advertisers claim that the data will limit creative ideas and bind them in a certain frame as in a box. We can not deny this, the box is the data. Or, in the best way, we need to work with a large amount of information that is succinctly summarized.

Just like marketers, creators have to keep up their creative minds and passions. However, thanks to Big Data technology, we can adjust our ideas to fit the data collected. In this way, we can reach the target customers quickly and accurately.

Or simply, the data is not a complex number, but rather the most direct response to the creative effect or helps us to understand more deeply the thoughts of the human person.

  1. Big Data helps us save time and money

More importantly, the ability to save time and money is the result of efficient use of Big Data, not the loss of creativity. Not only can we give consumers what they want but also we are able to save time and money. This is a thing that every business owners expect.

  1. Big Data helps us avoid costly mistakes

Opponents of Big Data claim that advertisers are now clinging to the data as a crutch because they are afraid of facing risks and experimenting. In fact, in marketing, the data is much better than any emotional one. Why do we have to take risks while data can help us make the decisions? Big Data is not “a crutch” – it is a useful tool to ensure that our ideas are closely suitable to what the consumer really wants.

  1. Big Data allows us to make valuable connections

Some creators claim that data cannot help anyone to feel something. This is not completely true, Big Data can be used to determine what individual consumers are thinking and feeling. And from this insightful perspective, we can reach a better way to the customer segments.

Moreover, there is an amount of data, we can design the advertisements that are based on the consumer to create the most accurate emotions.

In fact, with each brand different, consumers react differently to the way they promote their products. That is why we need Big Data to see the difference of each goal in the message. Creators also need to adjust based on many aspects such as perception, consideration and change. Big Data – driven marketing is the wave of the future. Marketers need to understand it, but we can not ignore creativity. Both play important roles in reaching consumers.

In short, we can see many good effects of Big Data on creativity. If we use this tool efficiently, creativity and its results can gain a lot.

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